PrunX for Fridays

PrunX ask you to support the production and distribution of the film Fridays – The story of a new world until January 31st in 2021! Each ticket purchased on Startnext allows four people from poorer countries to watch the film and be inspired. It will show that it is possible to implement sustainable projects in your area even with simple and available means. That’s our christmas pleasure and that’s also what the young band of tRaumstation Galaxy Notes decided to do, you can find their contribution here! And please spread the word @fridaysthemovie, you’ll find it at Facebook and Instagram under this tag as well! We wish you relaxation, serenity and good vibrations in this dark time!  

Support artists on RAW now!

Dear fans and friends, our cooperative RAW Kultur L will support all those in our socio-cultural centre on the RAW site who have fallen into serious financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Therefore we kindly ask you to support their crowdfunding on Startnext, starting today: DropbyDropInvestment 100% of your donations go to the artists and creative people, who have to pay their studios and workspaces beside living costs and urgently need to keep them. You can help even with a small contribution and receive our albums contact and Mind Trajectory as a reward! Thank you for your solidarity and support!      

PrunX Carnival


Hi friends, after being still very busy working on our future concept album and new clips for you, we are really happy to be invited playing on the Carnival of Culture fair, we will be on stage Monday in SHANTI TOWN, more details here, happy to meet you there!

PrunX @ Green Valley Rock Festival

Rumours coming true, we will rock Friday, July 26. at Green Valley Rock Festival  open air near ORWOhaus!  Here’s the  lineup and here you get your tickets, soon tickets will be as well available at our studio! The Green Valley Rock Festival created by the Terron brothers has as main purpose to connect local bands, to bring their audiences together and of course, to provide fun!  Above all, to show that despite all difficulties found in the music scene, united it’s possible to grow together. This festival has the bands as main partners, because without them it wouldn’t be.

EP contact release December 7th

We never hesitate to point out destructive effects of capitalism, using our unique sound as gateway to a peaceful solar system. Along the way we release Contact, our third EP on German Shepherd Records on Dec 7th 2018, terrestrial time! Contact presents a view from deep space, favoring your ears with observations from Terra ­ most haunted planet in our galaxy. The new EP offers First Contact? as prelude for the upcoming concept album. It’s a far out story brought down to earth, when it happens, watch out for Sparks! Deadly Toys reflects some spitefulness ­ a sarky shout­out to arms dealers. For terrific strong­voiced support in There’s No Time we are deeply grateful to fellow aliens Feline Lang (Feline & Strange), Dirty Feetz, Andreas B. Vornehm and Clemens. Definitely showtime! On Dec 6th you may prelisten here, Aural Delight 314 by Bob Osborne, also on Mixcloud! You may enjoy and subscribe us also on  Spotify! Have fun!

Live again with Feline & Strange and Dirty Feetz

Talked about it ages ago, now it’s realising: PrunX rock Oct 26th with favourite colleagues at Schicksaal, Dirty Feetz presenting their new album, we are preparing some new cooking on GSR and Feline & Strange are anyway alltime creatives! Sensational combination – Steampunk goes experimental – will not happen that often, so get up and feast with us! facts

Working like a charm…

…if you are in it! Support PrunX and the Voting Rights Project  in the USA on Bandcamp! How? Purchase music of PrunX or colleagues just here! When? Action coming Friday Sept. 28th only, on Bandcamp! Why? More  here and ’cause our label German Shepherd Records supports local charities as well! …grapevine talks about PrunX rocking with Dirty Feetz again on their record release and even Feline & Strange will be in it! Stay tuned!