PrunX from Berlin – triple p rock, psychedelic – progressive – political

Since 2007 five earthlings are travelling the inner and outer universe – over the abyss of present politics to the borders of outer space. Their experiences inspire and shape their musical work. By the slogan ‘In a potentially infinite universe nothing is impossible’ they explore new soundscapes, creating their unique sound in resilient joyful play – rocking underground, straight lyrics, atmospheres taking you aboard …

Frank Oz

Yelling and burning time fades away
Many words have nothing to say
Never lost track, ’cause it wasn’t mine
Seems like I’m a person of another kind
In the jungle of concrete and stone
Too many people feel alone
you gotta be strong

Jungle Rumble September 2008


me is me – always busy chipping it off



designed to interpret!


 Tom plays drums.