PrunX from Berlin – triple p rock, psychedelic – progressive – political

Since 2007 five earthlings are travelling the inner and outer universe – over the abyss of present politics to the borders of outer space. Their experiences inspire and shape their musical work. By the slogan ‘In a potentially infinite universe nothing is impossible’ they explore new soundscapes, creating their unique sound in resilient joyful play – rocking underground, straight lyrics, atmospheres taking you aboard …



Frank Oz

Yelling and burning time fades away
Many words have nothing to say
Never lost track, ’cause it wasn’t mine
Seems like I’m a person of another kind
In the jungle of concrete and stone
Too many people feel alone
you gotta be strong

Jungle Rumble September 2008





me is me – always busy chipping it off



Mr./Ms Y

Bass currently in free formation by benevolent colleagues, feel free to contact us if you are attracted to us, musically skilled and experienced on stage!



Joushi Freiheit statt Angst Berlin 2014

designed to interpret!



Mr. X live

 Tom plays drums.