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Besonic Reviews


Song-recommendation 01.09.2007

Trance punk or psychedelic cocktail rock? Rarely heard such a self classification on point. “Maze” torments itself over a loose Black Sabbath meets MC5 meets The Stooges wall of sound foundation, accompanied in parts by marvellous-suffer-oiling vocals – a crossing from Patti Smith, Nina Hagen and Nico in mind. Threatening to collapse under it`s own weight allegedly “Maze” actually breaks in the middle section into a rude psychedelic 60s/70s-Acid-Rock-Solotrip – getting the connection in the end before falling apart completely. Outstanding! Mr. Leary, please take over!

How can I feel free?
Song-recomendetion 07.09.2007

“How can I feel free with everybody staring at me – waiting for the slightest mistake?” It is impossible to escape the bulky-crude charm of the PrunX. Whatever they do lives, breathes and transports a thoroughly free mental spirit of anarchy and could not be more cantileveredly inviting. Or let`s call it more appropriate “taking”. Taking is also their way to create bulky and beautifully fragile Pop pearls like “How can I feel free?”. Lots of references, yeah, but it would not be fair to the broad spectrum of PrunX to reduce them – primarily here – to the sum of their influences from Velvet Underground to Sonic Youth. Listen, experience and discover by yourself – here is more than bare entertainment. The video transports the message of the tune perfectly with it`s expressionistic/abstract art morphings – open your ears and minds and let yourself fall into the charms of the PrunX!

Song-recomendation 28.09.2007

The sympathetic superheroes PrunX again with a new video on BeSonic entitled “Asylum”. The tune itself is a raw, blunt midtempo bastard from suggested 60s/70s-Sleaze, Punk and Garage – improved with disharmonic strings here and there and a dirty-rockin` headbanger of a chorus. So simple, so well. Contentwise it`s against “politicians” – a topic, with which one can`t go wrong generally. The video: PrunX in pure essence gettin` it on outside. PrunX: 12 Points.